Packing a Punch: Simp-Q Photo Studio Light-boxes

The Simp-Q Photo Studio presents wide and varied range of photographic light boxes. These Light-boxes are easy to set up, convenient to use and portable, allowing professionals and amateurs to operate a desired control inside the light system.
They take minutes to set up and storing them, when you are on move and absolutely no complications at all. All you can expect is simplified solutions and photo-stunning results for your photo-shoots especially when you are doing macro, jewelry or product photography. The light boxes or tents as they are popularly called are wonderful when you want to apply a professional touch to your website images, flyers images, e-bay selling products, product presentations or catalog pictures.
To help you achieve regular light distribution and minimal shadow effect on subject, the Simp-Q     photo lightbox hold a frame within a five sided box and allow a precise focus on the areas where you want the subject to shine. Whatever your requirement, you can also ask for a round shaped light box. Even with the simplest camera and irregular distribution of light, you can obtain professional images with even light, minimal shadows and no unwanted reflections. So, bid your farewell to the days when you have to take help of expert photographers and spend a fortune to get a brochure done or buy costly backdrops or diffusers.
Thanks to Simp- Q photography light boxes you need not to set up an expensive studio or allocate a budget just to get the product shoots done. You can give your products the fine, exact and real detail, no reflections, no harsh or glaring lighting on the surface but the perfectly posed right lighting effect with them.