Do not just capture a picture. Make it real with the right photography lights of Simp-Q Photo Studio

Light is the real transformer for photographers. Like a painter and sculptor works with colors and stones, a photographer's real canvas is light and with the Simp-Q Photo Studio's photographic lights this canvas becomes vivid and awe-inspiring than ever.
We pay meticulous attention to our Simp-Q photography supplies of studios. We understand that you work with an energy form and not a tangible asset. We make every photographic supplies ‘picture-perfect’ to let you take your creativity and imagination to the next level and not worry about how to manage the right light for your shoots.
Whether you are a pro or an amateur photographer, we offer affordable photography equipment. Our range showcases features like:
Precise control on overall striking light effect such as intensity, brightness and dimness
Low heat generation
Low power consumption
Can be positioned comfortably any-where
Reasonably priced
Affordable for all
No post-sales services or technical installation
With us, you can get a complete range of photography equipment and set up your own dream studio on an affordable budget. Along with fulfilling the basic needs of your lighting equipment while shooting, our supplies are in line with every elements of light science such as refraction, absorption, and reflection. Our lights offer you advantages of consistent color temperature, pause and start button actions, the right light intensity to bring out the real touches and colors.
They are durable and versatile. Suited for every type of photography requirement, they can be used by any level of photographer. Our equipment accelerates the shooting process as you do not have to tune them every time. They are convenient to use and button ready. Just plug in and play. You need to simply set them up once. Our photography lights are light in weight too!